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I am a psychotherapist specialising in clinical & analytical hypnotherapy and NLP. I have many years experience working with sportsmen and women, such as golf players, tennis players, rowers (British rowing champions), dart players, runners, horse riders, mountaineers and many other athletes. Working with both individuals and teams I help both to achieve higher and more consistent levels of performance.


reinforce success  in sports


A golfer myself in the past, I help with the psychological side of sports performance. If you want to overcome any mental blocks or barriers, overcome performance anxiety, improve specific parts of your performance, your focus, your confidence, your motivation, or just improve your overall performance then sports hypnosis with NLP is for you!


Many Sport Psychologists believe that 80 - 90% of an Olympic athlete's performance is in the mind. My experience is that 90% of all sports people do not focus on this and only train the body. When the power of the mind is introduced into sporting performance, the results can be dramatic. You can achieve huge performance increase through harnessing your mind!


sports hypnosis & nlp for motivation and positive thinking in sports


You don't need to look too far in any sport to find great champions, such as Tiger Woods, using hypnotic techniques to improve performance, but you don't have to be a champion to use hypnosis. Any sportsperson who wants to can benefit from sports hypnosis which can incorporate, depending on need:


Which can:



Hypnosis is equally useful in all kinds of individual and competitive sports. The greatest of champions and athletes also tend to be the ones who have learned to think successfully, they have mastered the psychology of their individual sport.


Using a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP, I can help you improve performance, concentration levels, focus and control. I also help with performance anxiety – this can be crippling to any sportsperson. Performance anxiety such as 'dartitus' is incredibly common, and all manner of other mental 'blocks' which get in the way of peak performance.

about hypnosis


Hypnosis is a slightly altered state of mind that most of us experience just about every day of our lives, whether we are driving, daydreaming, dropping off to sleep at night, or are simply absorbed in a good book or film.

A skilled hypnotherapist, such as Penny, brings this about by guiding the individual into relaxation, and giving them 'minds eye' situations to imagine and 'experience'.


It does not involve becoming unconscious or going to sleep. The deep relaxation works to calm the conscious mind so that it takes a less active role in your thinking process and your conscious mind takes a backseat to your subconscious mind. You know the bit where you have driven the past few miles and cannot remember it?! That is exactly the same feeling, where the conscious mind wanders off a little and the subconscious mind takes over the driving. It is a feeling of being totally relaxed with a heightened awareness of everything going on around you, this is what most people experience. Everyone can be hypnotised and you retain control at all times! It is a wonderfully relaxing experience.


Does it work? Yes! When in a relaxed state of hypnosis, it allows you and Penny to utilise your subconscious mind - the powerhouse of your mind. You are fully aware of what is taking place at all times and cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do.

peak 'mental' performance:


is equally, if not even more important than peak physical fitness and ability. An athlete with a perfect physical body, but an inadequate mental state is comparable to a Formula One car without a steering wheel!

Mental preparation is absolutely key to success for any competitive sportspersons preparation.


'the zone':

We've all watched top athletes when they are in 'the zone'. At that moment in time, even the underdog can prove almost unbeatable. Once you're in the zone, it's effectively like being in a trance, where you are completely focussed on winning to the exclusion of all other thoughts. You are on heightened alert. You 'see' and even 'feel' the edge in everything you do. It's an amazing feeling that can make you feel unbeatable.


If you play a sport with a direct opponent, it can be soul destroying and often they start to lose belief in their own game. Frustration sets in and it becomes a real uphill battle to beat you.

Tennis is an excellent example of this. You may be able to visualise the scenario, where one player is playing in 'the zone' for a whole set. They just can't do a thing wrong and it shatters their opponent's game. Then, one bad shot or double fault can transform the dynamics of the whole game. Suddenly, the same player, loses confidence and their game quickly deteriorates. At the same time the opponent sees an opening, their confidence increases and it's literally a different ball game.


What happened? Did the player's abilities suddenly disappear? No, not at all, it was only ever their focus and self-belief that deserted them. In these and any other similar situations in any other sport, hypnotherapy is a priceless tool to maximise your confidence, ensuring you stay focused on 'your' game plan, even when your opponent is in 'the zone'. You will no doubt have heard it said about two competitors of a similar standard in battle, 'it's now just a battle of wills'.


guided imagery


Being in 'The Zone' is just half the equation. Maximising hypnotic suggestion, also involves a Penny helping you to combine a deep sense of relaxation with NLP building resources procedures to guide you through vivid imagery of how you can play the perfect game in 'your' sport. This kind of psychological preparation drastically increases confidence and improves performance and reactions times. It has even been shown to increase stamina and strength by several percent, making all the difference to your performance.

It can take countless hours to reach supreme fitness, with the necessary skills. Yet it can take just a few sessions to achieve the mental peak you require. If you are someone who loves the thrill of being at the top of their game, and you want that 'edge' then call Penny for a free consultation today.

*Performance Anxiety is often related to social anxiety; social anxiety can require a different approach using 'pure hypno-analysis as does depression – see Penny's website for more information.


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