the sports clinic - for sports injuries and athletic performance enhancement


The Sports Clinic offers fast and effective help, advice and intervention from a range of therapies to allow elite care and support to all sporting enthusiasts at all levels of the game.

Southernhay Clinic is the home of a unique collection of practitioners working together to provide sporting enthusiasts with a comprehensive and global approach to sports injury and sports performance enhancement. We work together so you no longer have to choose just one therapy or approach. Each therapist has a detailed knowledge of what the rest of the team can offer and they work together, referring when appropriate, to offer you a bespoke service.

Behind any successful sports team or athlete there is a diverse sports performance and sports science team solely devoted to the progressive achievements of the sports person. Our team includes specialists in all aspects of sports therapy and we provide many different approaches to solving problems and finding solutions.


The Sports Clinic has been designed to support your optimum sporting performance from diet and nutrition through to mental preparation, positive attitude, overcoming blocks, re-balancing the body, and treating sports injuries.


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