Hypnobirthing – Hypnosis for Childbirth


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Bring your child into the world peacefully and naturally


More and more mums are discovering the incredible power of hypnobirthing in the UK and learning how to give birth easily and naturally, gaining all the benefits hypnobirthing brings. It is perfect for those wishing a quicker, easier, more relaxed birth or even a natural birth. With hypnobirthing there is less need for drugs and, often, none at all are needed.

Because you are very relaxed, the pain is reduced (pain intensifies when scared, or tense) and then knowing how to release your natural anaesthesia it lessens again and because you are able to remain so relaxed, and use the breathing techniques, your contractions (surges) are more efficient and so birthing is far quicker and easier.

It is great for first-time Mums and Mums who have already had children (and maybe had a less than positive experience before). You can start to learn hypnobirthing anytime from about 24 weeks onwards. However, it is never too late to start; even at 38 weeks!

There are two ways to learn Hypnobirthing with me:

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Private Hypnobirthing Sessions
The Hypnobirthing CD Self-Learning Programme



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There are so many wonderful benefits to hypnobirthing including:

pregnant women





father and baby

Birthing partners have an active role to play during the birth

Instead of your birthing partner being a helpless onlooker, they play a central and important role during birth, helping you to use the techniques you have both learned.


How hypnosis for childbirth works - a natural childbirth with hypnobirthing

Your body has been perfectly designed to give birth! This programme teaches you about the mechanics of childbirth and how to work with your body by relaxing deeply, breathing in certain ways to help it, and letting it do its most perfect work. Hypnosis is a completely natural state of relaxed concentration which you can easily learn.


Pain control using hypnosis

Hypnosis was first recognised by the British Medical Association in 1955 as a valuable medical tool. In terms of pain relief, it is used in many medical and dental treatments and operations with great success. Channel 4, having investigated this, broadcast live on TV an operation on a man who used only self-hypnosis to successfully anesthetise himself, and he remained calm and pain-free throughout!



Pain control during birth using hypnosis

The programme takes these same techniques to teach you not only to relax but how to numb your body at will as and when you wish so that you feel only pressure or movement but little or no pain.

By learning these techniques you remove any anxiety you may have about giving birth which is very important as anxiety creates fear, fear creates tension and tension creates pain, which in turn creates more anxiety and so on ....



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To find out more about my hypnobirthing sessions or hypnobirthing CD programme, come along and meet me for a FREE, no obligation, initial consultation to find out more. Or, if you prefer, call me or e-mail me for more information, or book in to make a start!


Please be assured, there is never any pressure to make a decision then and there; you can go away and have a think about it and make an informed choice.