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The main symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome include abdominal cramping and pain, bloating, and either constipation or diarrhoea. People, who experience diarrhoea, frequently feel an urgent need to go to the toilet with all the limitations and embarrassment that this brings.


For some people the symptoms can be disabling, unable to work, go out and even travel short distances. Symptoms vary in severity and whilst they can subside, they often return.


Whilst medication can help it does not always sort the problem out completely and complimentary approaches can help considerably to help; certain factors are known to aggravate and/or worsen IBS symptoms:


allergies or intolerances

stress & anxiety

treatments for IBS at southernhay clinic, Exeter


We have a wonderful range of therapies and treatments which will help to reduce/eliminate the symptoms of IBS, both physical and psychological.


These therapies work well individually, and when combined, can produce powerful results


allergies & intolerance testing for IBS


Certain foods and substances can be responsible for flare-ups and so our painless and comprehensive test will give results on over 150 foods plus a vitamin and mineral deficiency test. see more
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nutrition therapy for IBS


Diet can play a huge part in managing IBS and our dietician is an expert in IBS and helping clients to change their diets in a way which is manageable and effective. Karen will also help you incorporate any allergies or intolerances identified into new eating plans. see more

Hypnotherapy for IBS


Hypnotherapy is an amazing fast therapy to help with symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. By reducing your anxiety levels it helps the symptoms and strengthens your immune system. see more

Acupuncture for IBS


Acpuncture balances the body's energies, reduces stress and anxiety and strengthens the digestive system to reduce the symptoms. See more



Penny Albertella



Fiona Matthews

Lic Ac MBAcC MBMAS SRN - state registered nurse

Biddy Mayo


food allergy & intolerance testing

Anne Richardson


nutritional therapist