Carboxytherapy and oxygen therapies

Carboxy therapy consists of the injection of pure carbon dioxide under the skin, while oxygen therapy involves the application of pure oxygen directly onto the skin surface, from where it can be absorbed by the skin tissues. These two treatment processes can be used to treat a whole range of conditions.

How do they do this? Read on....

There is one single factor that unites many conditions resulting from difficulties the body has in repairing injury or ageing-related damage. This single factor is poor blood supply, particularly when it applies to peripheral areas, 'remote' parts of the body's skin or joints.

Poor blood flow in ageing or injured parts of the body results in insufficient supply of oxygen, making it impossible for the affected tissues to carry out the constant repairs necessary to keep the body functioning well. This results in the general increase in aches and pains as we age, along with an increasing length of time it takes for injuries to heal.

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Anything we can do to promote the flow of oxygen to damaged tissues should help to speed up repair and recovery. Clearly, the direct application of oxygen should have an immediate beneficial effect, but it has to be administered carefully in order to be safe.

It is, however, perfectly safe to inject carbon dioxide into the tissues. Carbon dioxide is normally a waste product that the body works to remove as quickly as possible, so its sudden appearance will stimulate the body to radically improve the blood supply to the affected area, not only removing that excess carbon dioxide but simultaneously bringing in oxygen dissolved in the blood.

This of course takes time, and to be effective will require several treatment sessions, but over a period of a few weeks the blood circulation to a treated area can be massively improved, resulting in naturally improved supply of oxygen to the tissues, thus enabling repair of any damage.

As a result, the list of conditions that can be successfully treated is quite bewildering, and includes (but is not necessarily limited to):

  1. Tendinitis (such as tennis elbow)
  2. A variety of sports injuries
  3. Arthritis
  4. Acne scarring
  5. Operation or injury scars
  6. Dark eye circles
  7. Restless or heavy legs
  8. Loss of hair
  9. Excess fat
  10. Loss of sexual function or libido

Both carboxy and oxygen therapies are well-established in contentinental Europe, but are slowly becoming more common in the UK, with a number of professional sportsmen, for example, now using them to treat injuries.

Dr Berlinde Drucker is the first, and so far only, practitioner to have introduced these treatments into southwest England. So if you have an injury or condition that might be improved with these therapies get in touch with her. She'd be only too happy to discuss all the possible options with you.