Migraine headaches

Chronic migraine sufferers can often have their symptoms greatly alleviated through regular injections of Botox.

The great majority of sufferers have specific 'trigger points' in their head, neck and shoulders, in which tension and stress can trigger a migraine attack. Multiple injections of Botox into these points greatly decreases the frequency and severity attacks for the majority of patients, and even stops attacks altogether in many.

Most patients need a course of several treatment sessions before the beneficial effects build up, but in some the results are apparent after just one treatment and within a couple of days.

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The treatment is not a cure for migraine headaches, and it will be necessary to re-apply treatment from time to time. However, it usually greatly improves quality of life, reducing the frequency and severity of attacks, and greatly reducing the need for other chemical pain killers.

Botox is officially recognised as an effective treatment for migraine headaches, and it may also be useful in helping headache problems with other causes.

All our Botox injections are administered by Dr Berlinde Drucker, our aesthetic cosmetic practitioner, who is highly skilled and experienced in injection treatments and techniques.