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Covering a whole family of treatment programmes for a diversity of conditions, both aesthetic and medical, mesotherapy has been widely accepted across continental Europe for many years, and is now slowly gaining acceptance in the UK.

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Consisting of multiple tiny injections into the surface of the skin of nutrient cocktails consisting of such things as vitamins and electrolytes, mesotherapy can successfully:

  1. Revitalise ageing, wrinkling and sagging skin
  2. Reverse the loss of head hair
  3. Reduce acne and acne scarring
  4. Reverse longterm skin damage (such as due to prolonged sunburn)
  5. Reduce stretchmarks
  6. Induce fat-loss

The effects of mesotherapy can be quite subtle, the effects taking time to build up and become apparent. So to be truly successful, the treatment process normally requires a programme of sessions often spread out over months. Patients must not expect instant overnight results! However, a commitment to a programme of treatments will yield very beneficial results.

With her vast experience of medicine in Europe, Dr Berlinde Drucker is well versed in mesotherapy, and is steadily working to improve its role in southwest England.

If you think you might benefit from a course of mesotherapy treatment, Berlinde is quite definitely the person you should be talking to. To start the process arrange a consultation with her. She'll be delighted to discuss all the possible options with you.