Skin bioremodelling treatments with collagen and collagen stimulators

Bioremodelling is a new treatment strategy to overcome and remove the facial, decolletage and hand wrinkles typically seen in ageing, forming a more effective alternative to dermal fillers

As the skin ages so the body's natural repair processes that keep the skin smooth and supple start to break down, resulting in the wrinkles we see. These are the visible manifestation of a poorer connective tissue structure, the framework - consisting largely of collagen - on which the skin's cellular tissues rest.

While injection of dermal fillers acts to simply fill in the wrinkles so they are no longer visible, bioremodelling actually promotes revitalisation of the skin's connective tissue framework. This actually improves the collagen structure, thus removing the wrinkles and resulting in a genuinely smooth skin.

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Dr Berlinde Drucker uses to bioremodelling products, known as Profhilo and Nithya.

Profhilo consists of a hyaluronic acid formulation that, when injected into the skin, initially draws in water to plump the skin up, and then stimulates the area around the injection site to produce new collagen, developing a newly revitalised skin structure.

Nithya, on the other hand, consists of collagen, which not only directly creates a new connective tissue structure but which also stimulates the skin area around the injection site to produce new collagen itself. It also promotes the development of new blood vessels in the area, greatly increasing blood flow and hence skin health.

Both Profhilo and Nithya treatments consist of three treatment sessions spread over a couple of weeks. Since they act mainly by stimulating the body to produce more collagen, the effects are not instantaneous but will take a few weeks to fully form. So some patience is required, but when the results do develop they're truly worth waiting for!

The results are long-lasting but not permanent, and treatment usually needs to be repeated every 9-12 months.

If you think your skin would benefit from these fantastic new bioremodelling treatments get in touch with Berlinde. She'll be delighted to discuss your possible treatment with you and to get you started on a course.